macarons & procrastination

So it’s been awhile? How about a little flattery to mend things up?

Shit bitch you is fine?

(ps. this profane bear is $225 and I’m still convinced i need it)

Now how about a macaron, you say??

Good, glad we were able to patch up the silence so quickly.

So, I realize I’ve been slacking at this food blog posting. And I’ve been told by 2 people. Which is very exciting because that confirms 2 people have actually read this. But seriously, how do people consistently blog and do other stuff consistently too??

This blog posting business appears to be evolving into a To Do item rather than just an enjoyable/light-hearted/no-work/say whatever comes to mind about some food/upload a photo or two, type of activity. So this is the last post.

The end.

Just kidding. (I know you were really worried there for a minute…I keed I keed…I will bravely forge onward for myself and loyal 2 readers). Nonetheless, I’ve discussed this procrastination issue with many others who can relate, I happen to be a Virgo and maybe that has nothing to do with it bc I’m not necessarily into astrology, but I do fit the Virgo bill when it comes to striving for unattainable perfection (in my case it is typically, really lame/pointless things that don’t matter much at all. Like I will re-write a whole list out on a new Post It note if I have one typo. Very time efficient and important, I know. This idea that you won’t do something unless you know you can commit at least 99% energy/thought into “doing it right” ends up paralyzing you from doing anything at all. You often buy craft projects or blank canvases and paint, and then stare at them in the corner thinking, “I’ll get to that when I am more focused/energized/prepared-to-create-monet-masterpieces.” So, naturally, that day never comes. And those dust-covered canvases stare back at you blankly. Just like this blog. What started out as an innocent enjoyment, now becomes another reminder that you’re a procrastinator. See how quickly this can turn on you?

According to this dude Leo, I need to let go of control and refrain from any goal making in my life. And I need to not have expectations. Maybe lay on a grassy knoll once a day instead of sitting within the walls of a cube. And just accept everyone and everything for who they are (I kind of shake with anxiety even writing that out and think moving to Boulder or Portlandia would help me more readily realize this new way of life). Alas, I’ve been reading Leo’s thought-provoking blog recently to address this annoying Virgo-ism: ZEN blog.

Coupled with the Virgo syndrome, my attention is easily diverted from one thing to another. Like right now, instead of sharing relevant macaron experiences with you, I just want to say the following…

Interjection of foodie dream job alert!

You could probably pay me less to take on an all eating-blogging-photographing job in Vancouver. Come on! It’s VANCOUVER! Probably best city I’ve ever briefly visited (see exhibit A below) Gym membership included? I’d probably be in a permanent food coma state and end up not taking advantage of that. Maybe I could get all my meals delivered to me on a nice living room couch? That’s just the true American in me shining through there.

Exhibit A:

Vancouver July 2011

Seriously, isn’t Vancouver lovely?

O wait, what am I suppose to be writing about?

¿Cómo se dice …. M A C A R O N? I think the macaron’s deserve their own actual post. Ya, I’ll get to the “real” macaron post later when I can do it right.

As I bid thee farewell, at the end of the day, just remember….

Shit, bitch. You is fiiiiiiiiiiiine.



3 thoughts on “macarons & procrastination

  1. “…if you see a quietly beautiful and beaming woman safely ensconced within the confines of a chummy group, scanning the room in one direction while sneaking furtive glances in another, she is most likely a virgo” …or just distracted by the delicious colors and tastes of the macarons.

    keep up the great posts 🙂

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