Euclid Hall in Denver…you need to taste this…

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”  

– Marc Riboud

beef bone marrow

Fried Quail and Waffles

Pad Thai Pig Ears

Euclid Hall Denver, Colorado

Euclid Hall Denver, Colorado

Michelle Lopez

Euclid Hall Restaurant Menu

Euclid Hall Denver Food MenuUmami Oysters

We came, we saw, we SAVORED. Check out one of my new favorite Denver restaurants located on 14th Street downtown.

Euclid Hall Bar + Kitchen

1317 14th Street Denver, CO 80202

Hear me out on this scenario…if you ever have a visitor fly in from out of town at a later hour in the evening, and are looking for a stellar meal despite the odd late-night hours (and Tom’s Diner open 24 hrs won’t cut it), you MUST take them to Euclid Hall! Their kitchen closes at midnight during the week, 1 AM on Friday/Saturday and midnight on Sunday. Not too shabby. It’s prob the best late night food you can get at this caliber in the area (if I’m wrong, please let me know where else I can go…we need more choices)!

During the freakishly hot Spring weather that occurred in the past few weeks, my amiga Michelle and I decided to enjoy some sunshine via dining patio-style. I’ve been to Euclid Hall before and wanted her to experience its goodness. Plus everything I had ordered thus far had been so good…I needed to sample more menu items and trumph the misconception that I just got lucky with what I ordered on my first drop-in.

Euclid Hall did not disappoint the second time around either. It made us especially impressed when they brought out extra oysters they had shelled for another group. Woo hoo! And wow, being a landlocked state, that was one of the best oysters I’ve had (just recently had oysters on the east coast and west coast too).

This was probably my second time having bone marrow…and I LOVE the way the bruleed the top, creating that toasty crunch. And the bone marrow itself is essentially hot gooey buttery gelatin stuff (do you love my technical foodie terms?), great spread on warm bread.

We had to order the Chicken Fried Quail and Waffles. It’s a must. That’s what I had ordered the first time around and what had left me wanting more. Habanero-maple syrup…the extra spice was so good with the sweet and salty.

While we tried to be a bit brave and experience Pad Thai Pig Ears for the first time, they were somewhat of a disappointment…mostly because of their strange chewy, some would say cartilage-y texture (i know, weird, like the time i had fried chicken feet..wwit-what was i thinking). The flavors were all good just couldn’t quite get comfortable with gnawing on piggie ears, as much of a pork fan as I consider myself. That’s a little too carnivore extremist for me but I gave it a go!

Extra thanks to the random mustached waiter who struck a GQ pose for me mid-snap. 🙂


I’ll be back Euclid!! Thanks for adding some spunk/flavor to Denver’s restaurant scene.

xoxo and pad thai piggie ears,



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