A (bite size) taste of what’s to come…

macaroon new york city

Macaron decor anyone? Wait til I get to the eating part. And the variety of crazy flavors. Mmmmm


crispy pok pok chicken in yo mouth

‘Tis the night that I write about chicken. Salty, spicy fried Vietnamese chicken wings from Pok Pok Wing in yo mouth. Mmmmmmmm. I’ve had some pretty tasty fried chicken in my day… instantly reminded of my impulsive drop-in to the Snoop Doggy Dog’s fave chicken/waffle hole-in-the-wall Roscoe’s in LA…amazing. Watch this vid where he makes Larry King a believer. Yes. Any place that both Larry King + Snoop agree on is legit!

This particular house of chicken wings that just recently launched its first east coast venture in LES of nyc, boasts a very loyal cult following from Portland goers (it’s original flagship location is in…you guessed it, Portland, Oregon) As I write this, I wonder how many times I will include the phrase “chicken wings” in my blog and if I could potentially become #1 on Google search for “chicken wings”. This is clearly an admirable feat and it must be mine. Resume builder, what what!

…so I was thinking…this Pok Pok has to have some decent chicken, right? Plussssssssssss, Portland chef & owner Andy Ricker did, after all, win the James Beard award last year. That’s instant clout in my book! These wings have also been featured on a few Food Network shows, etc. If you could compare them to an actual person, it’d be Ron Bergundy of course (kind of a big deal).

pok pok chicken wings

Okay, so I’m already tired of writing and would like to get on to the photos but I guess I should explain how the chicken was. Plus, I’m late for my best friend’s birthday bash because I’m at home writing about chicken.

So, I happened to wonder a few blocks solo with camera in hand (wondering how safe it really is to carry around a nice camera in LES, it’s fine right?) until I came upon it; the little entrance to Pok Pok, graffiti and trash accessorizing its surroundings. Graffiti/trash combo seems to make me extra hungry for fried chicken.

It was my lucky day as I realized I showed up at 4:50 pm and it opened it’s doors at 5 pm. Unintentionally, I was the first at the door and a considerably long line began forming behind me. I looked behind me and thought “suckers, didn’t even plan thissssss” haha. Everyone was eager to taste the wings Portland has been raving about and decide, once and for all, if they were good enough for the streets of nyc.

The verdict: Chicken was good. It was the actual entire wing which I’m not used to. Red pepper flake-coated. Yummy sticky crunch. Hrmmmm. Little salty, however. I thought the level of spice was decent, although the big dude next to me was dripping with sweat, continually wiping his forehead and telling me how delicious they were. I wanted to shake my head, the proud half-Mexican that I am, and reprimand him, “you can’t handle the heat!!!”

Extra points for serving homemade Kombucha vinegar drinks…they were yum and I’ve never had them at an actual restaurant, just purchased by the overpriced bottle from overpriced health food stores (ahem..Whole Foods).

Would I go back? Yes. Are these now the best wingies in nyc. I don’t think so. Sorry, Andy. The extra salt killed it for me.

pok pok chicken

This last shot from a magazine is suppose to be for a later post, however…I felt the message too pressing/urgent to hold out on. Seriously, stay hungry bitches. If you won’t, who will? Words to live by. (tombstone worthy?? no?)

O yes, many thanks to Michelle of Hummingbird on High for insisting I check out this new east coast branch asap. (She practically lived off these wings during college in Portland! And yes, I get how that could become a weekly ritual…)


Michelle’s cake + cupcakes

Blog Post No. 1 = my friend Michelle (from Hummingbird on High) baked! And she let me photograph the aftermath. Thanks michelle!

Check out her delicate little creations. I especially like when she got crazy with the food coloring spray on the cake. Love the spray paint/tie dye effect, ya?

Her blog concept is pretty original/mad scientist/authentic. She is working through each recipe in the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and adapting the recipes to this nutty mile-high altitude. I don’t bake. I just eat. But apparently, trying to follow baking recipes at a higher altitude here is troublesome.

Can’t wait to photograph more of her stuff! Yes, I will trade photos for food so holla if you’re making something good!

{camera specs: nikon d700 + 50mm 1.4}

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.
-James Beard

The night I started a food blog.

I love food. I love traveling. I love eating + traveling.

Plus….I’m a photographer. This is only perfectly natural and satisfies some deep weird yearning to collect images of everything I consume so I never forget the yummy goodness I’ve experienced. In an effort to make you taste what I’ve tasted, I’ll do the second best thing and photograph it for you. Also, I may be paranoid my brain will stop making memories after 27, so this documenting via camera thing might come in handy. Here’s the disclaimer part: I will probably describe things incorrectly, make up words along the way, and have no professional cooking or food critiquing experience. Just solid eating experience. I just like to eat my face off my face. Make sense?

Either way, this is too much fun to not follow through with. Hope you enjoy!